Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lahore fort

Lahore, Pakistan.

Lahore fort is a historical monument which has prints of various periods of history. This fort is mentioned in various travel logs, historical descriptions and archives. Like all historical cities Lahore also has an ancient background. During excavations in Lahore fort in 1959 AD remnants were found dating back to 2nd century BC. Further reference to the fort is traceable in connection with Shahab-u-din Ghauri’s (1180 AD- 1118 AD) successive invasions of Lahore. It was destroyed by Mongols In 1241 AD and rebuilt by Bulban in 1267 AD. Later on it was again destroyed by Amir Taimur’s army in 1831 AD and rebuilt in mud by Sultan Mubarik Shah in 1421 AD. Sheikh Mubarik Ali of Kabul carried out repairs to the fort in 1432 AD. Mughal emperor Akbar (1556 AD – 1605 AD) rebuilt the fort in solid brick masonary in about 1566 AD and extended its area towards the river Ravi which up till 1849 AD was flowing along its fortification in the north. Later Mughal emperors kept on adding magnificent buildings in the fort such as Shish Mehal, Dewan e Khas, Khwab gah etc. Lahore fort is inscribed on the world heritage list and a protected monument under Antiquity act 1975 which confirm its outstanding universal value.

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